How to block a specific Windows service?

Hi guys;

I have a problem. I do need to block BITS service (Background Intelligent Transfer Service) from accessing the Internet. The Windows firewall has an option to do this but I cannot find any option for CIS. I can block svchost but it results in blocking all my system. Could you help me. ???

Out of curiosity, why do you need to block BITS? Did you know it’s used by various Windows update processes. Some third-party software vendors also use it for the same reason? That aside, as far as I’m aware, only Windows firewall exposes individually hosted services to firewall rules. So, you if did want to prevent BITS from doing it’s job, you’ll have to disable the service.

First of all, thanks for your answer. Actually my Internet traffic is limited to 5 GB and this service uses my bandwidth and of course my money. So, it is necessary to block it. Disabling the service isn’t a good remedy because after a windows restart it will re-enable itself. I think using both windows and Comodo firewall is the best solution, isn’t it?

Setting the service start-up type to disabled should prevent the service from starting at boot and prevet it from being started. post boot, by some other service. As far as using the two firewalls together, you can try, but it’s usually not a recommended practice.