How to block a connection? [RESOLVED]

Alright i’m not going to go into specifics as to why I want to block a connection (:WIN) But is there a way to do it with comodo firewall v3? The only way that i’ve blocked the connection is by adding a global rule and applying the steps…

Block TCP or UDP IN Then add the source adress XX.XXX.XXX.XX And apply the rule and add it to the top of the Global rules list.This worked perfectly until I realized that I would need to do this for every single incoming connection that I want to block.Is there an easier way to do this?

Make a network zone out of the source addresses you want to block, and then make a global rule to block everything from that zone.


JUST what I needed,And it works flawlessly,Nice quick response, No questions asked.Sauweeet,Thanks again man :BNC