How to become a moderator?

Hi everybody,

What I have to do in order to be a part of the Comodo moderator’s team?

I’m from Israel and here I perform professional comparative tests for security software, and by the way I promote COMODO security products.
All in my site:


Not like this…

If you’re doing professional (paid) comparative tests for security products, wouldn’t being a moderator on a security vendor’s forums be seen as a “conflict of interest” for whomever is employing you?

Languy has had trouble in this regard and he isn’t paid by anybody for the tests and reviews that he does.

I specialize land like this field and I am NOT getting paid for my hard work.
My site is a blog which includes computer related articles lor all these categories: hardware, software, PC secuirty, programming and Internet. In the security section I write articles such as: AV tests, reviews, comparisons, threats, technologies and guides.
Please visit it here:מאמרים-באבטחה/אבטחה
According to my tests, COMODO does the best job in many aspects and my tests are reliable and detailed.
In addition, I would like to provide an exclusive review of the new CIS/CAV in my country, like I do with other vendors inc. avast and KAV.

And yes, I know Languy and this issue, but my test are, as I said, objective. I Comodo will not perform well it would be noted and so on…

I don’t believe such an exclusivity deal would be available for CIS/CAV… well, there haven’t been any previously, that I know of, and I really can’t foresee any. But, since I’m only a Mod, that sort of thing isn’t exactly my area.

Anyway, being considered as a potential Moderator is mainly about being a good member here on the forums and helping other members.

You ask how to become a moderator !

First Don’t Ask !

Being a moderator can be a long, demanding, frustrating. Moderators give of their time and knowledge (everyone is always learning even monderators) with no financial compensation.

Try to quietly help others with patience and the knowledge that what you know may be on the same level or be over their heads. Also a problem may be new and no one has an answer yet, or the one that may have a clue is yet to post.

Over time I have a hunch those that are considered helpful and tactful and would make a good moderator are asked. We only find out when the announcement is made!
Being a moderator as I said is time consuming, requires patience and no financial rewards. Unfortunately some times users will give you grief and you have to be tactful with your answers.

Of the very recent moderators here 2 are Languy99, Captainsicks that started by trying to help others,
some moderators with patience and longevity are Panic, Kail, Chiron plus many more,
and there are are those past moderator that just got tired.
Two that helped me that a few might remember were Little Mac and Soyabeaner.

Sorry Mods for the many that I did not list !

Don’t ask how to become a moderator, but just quietly help others and in the future they might ask you.


Thank you very much, you gave me the answer.
To tell you the truth, I just wanted to test out the current CIS 6 version and to write a review about it for my blog. This is why I wanted to become a moderator.
If there is an another way to get the executable (And of course just for me, I will not share it), I would like to be informed about it.

Thanks again!

sorry but not going to happen, you can download the beta when its ready like everyone else

Once it’s released as a Beta to the forum anyone with a forum account can test it.

Right now it is essentially still in alpha stage. In fact, some of the components have yet to be fully activated in even the version we have right now. Thus, V6 is not really ready for testing yet anyway.

First of all tnx to everyone.

And for you, I meant to make a review of the thinks that the new version might offer and I know that it is not finished and not intended for testing. But surely, I will take the BETA.

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