How to backup settings in Comodo Version 4?

Hye everyone,

I am a newbie using Comodo Firewall 4 but I am getting used to it. I have no problems except one. How can I backup my settings in case I have to reinstall my OS again or how to transfer settings from one PC to another PC? I checked everything possible on the internet and read almost the whole manual but had no success. Would be great to get a hint or a solution for my problem.

My system is a Win XP SP 3 with all the latest updates.




Hi Night-Flight,

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You can export and or import your CIS configuration by going to “More” “Manage my configurations”.
There you can see which profile is “Active” and use the Export / Import buttons to backup/restore.

Hye Ronny,

thanks for your answer. I already saw this setting and created an export file of my active configuration (Proactive Security). I imported this file on a new pc with the same Comodo version, but I had to confirm every new message of those application which are already installed on the other pc. Also I had to set the Comodo settings as it has to be made when Comodo is a fresh install without having imported a configuration file.

What I am wondered about a little bit is the size of the file. Only 325 KB. Can that be. Are there really all my setting I made and rule included?

What am I doing wrong?


How a like are these PC’s? same OS version/language bit version etc?

And yes the export can be this small as it’s an XML export so all details are between XML tags.

Yes, same OS and language (Win XP SP 3) and same software. Only different hardware. I tried it many times now. Not working. Any other clue?

Are you importing as a new configuration, or are you trying to overwrite your current active configuration?
Can you try to import it with a different name and then switch to “activate” the new one?

Until now I tried your first suggestion. Not working. After I tried your second suggestion, it worked. Is this normal? So when I want to transfer a configuration from one PC to another one I have to delete the existing configuration on the second one and transfer from the first one, right?

Importing over the current active profile is known to cause issues sometimes…

Thx for your support


Are you aware the latest Comodo version doesn’t backup the My Safe Files and the My Pending Files when I’ve tested this would someone please confirmed this.

Nope I’m not, I don’t have files in there so never noticed…
I’ll see if I can find out if this behavior is by design or that it can be classified as a bug.

Thanks Ronny :■■■■

It’s by design, the safe and pending list are stored differently then the other settings.
If you wish to backup your safe en pending files you need so copy the files from

\Program Files\Comodo\Comodo Internet Security\database\


And if you have removed trusted vendors from the list also