How to backup CPF Rules and Settings? [Resolved]


I’m new to CPF.

Could anyone tell me which files or registry entries I need to backup in case my PC crashes or I need to install CPF on another PC?

Hi and welcome. I believe what you want is here…,2366.0.html



Thanks, Paul.

However, I don’t how to use the scripts mentioned in the forum topic.

Could you please tell me where in the registry (or files) the Rules and CPF settings are kept so that I can manually export them to a .reg file (or copy the files)?

Hi again, Is this what you mean?,56.0.html


I beleive what you are looking for is located at…

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\Software\Comodo\Personal Firewall

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Thanks Paul and m0ng0d. This is exactly what I’m looking for. Hope a future version will have ‘Backup’ to file and ‘Restore’ from file features. In the meantime, the .reg file will do fine.

BTW, m0ng0d, I read your excellent and easy to understand tutorial on how to add Network Rules. Any more tutorials in this Forum from you?

Glad you enjoyed it Charlie. To date, that is the only How To that I have written here. I had challenges myself with understanding Network rules (and their place) when I first started using CPF; so writing about them helped solidify the subject in my mind.

The very next CPF feature/function to make me scratch me head will get a How To by me as well (:WIN)

You are more than welcome Charlie. :wink:

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You may still need to follow the instructions for the script, to turn off Registry Protection in CPF, under the Security/Advanced/Miscellaneous tab, and set the FW to Allow All, in order to copy (and import) the registry keys.

Not saying you haven’t already thought of that, but just in case…


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No problem, I enjoy reading your posts. I hope you will have more How Tos. And perhaps a link to most How Tos in this Forum.

Thanks for bringing this up. I tested by deleting a Rule and clicking the .reg file I imported earlier. It works. Does this mean that CPF’s Registry Protection doesn’t work as I obviously did change its registry settings by opening the .reg file? Where is the option to Allow All?

Updated: Please ignore my previous paragraph. Registry Protection does work. I forgot that I exited CPF before importing my settings from the .reg file. Sorry.


As this issue has been marked as Resolved, I will go ahead and close this topic.