How to backup Comodo Firewall v3 settings?

Hi, the new v3 final is just great, thanks to the development and everyone who has contributed here…
I have a question about the backup of the rules and settings.
Obviously the backup script for v2 does not work for v3.

Couldn’t get the built-in backup feature to work either.
(Miscellaneous → Manage My Configurations → Export → Comodo Optimum Security )
The export attempt ends with an error message : “Unable to export configuration. Please make sure enough rights for the path.”
It’s not about the rights , i logged in as administrator, just in case (Windows Vista Home Premium) and the same error message is still popping up.

So is there any way i can backup my rules and settings for v. 3?

Another guestion: What file extension should i use for the backup file? Or does it work without any file extension eg. ‘My Comodo Settings’ , in Comodo’s Help one gets the idea that no file extension is needed.

Many thanks in advance…

I had this problem before with CPF3 with Vista the only way I could export my config was close CPF3 right click on link for CPF3 choose run as administrator then you can export.
Does not matter if you are in a limited or admin account, it appears that even though you are in a admin account CFP3 does not have admin rights. ???

Here’s how I backed up my CFP3 configuration settings:

Miscellaneous > Manage My Configurations > Manage My Configurations (popup window) > [select] Export > [context menu] Comodo Optimum Security (this is already checked; just select it) > [popup directory window] “Select a path to export the configuration” (I used the Comodo Program Files directory) > [enter file name] CFP3 Configuration Settings 11252007.bak > [click] Enter

I used the “.bak” extension because it is universally recognized as an extension for the backup of any file. You can probably use a different one if you wish. I also included a date string in the file name to differentiate between backups. You may also want to store the backup in a different directory in case the main Comodo program file directory becomes corrupted or otherwise unavailable or inaccessible.

Thanks to both of you! Followed Dennis2’s advice (right click on link for CPF3 chose run as administrator) did the trick! The backup succeeded! :■■■■

[Vista Ultimate 32x]Still can’t backup my settings. When I check “run as administrator”, Comodo efuses to load-I just get a dead stub in Task Manager that I can’t kill. Unchecking allows Comodo to load normally, but then still can’t backup. (:SAD)

Maybe exporting to shared documents folders will work

Tried Public/ Documents (which I think is the Vista equivalent) with no success. Have managed to get most of the other things in Comodo working (more are less, there are still some unexplainables and issues :wink: -but even Kerio, Sygate, Jetico, … had a few quirks, mostly due to implicit rules, and a few residual bugs as well as questionable design decisions). Oh, and “Ask” doesn’t work at all/ever as a firewall rule. So close enough to keep using it. :wink:

Maybe a bugreport limited to vista with a poll attached could shed some light on this issue…
BTW disabling UAC doesn’t change anything regards this issue?

UAC is disabled, at least as much as Vista will allow. Don’t really use “ask” for the firewall, although I can see it would be a desirable feature to keep from reading logs and making changes. As far as the backup problem, has been mentioned a few times but don’t know how widespread it is-so maybe a separate bug report and poll for Vista would be a good idea.

SUCCESS: Found the backup problem. Had played with most of the Vista settings, so tried turning UAC off again (it was complaining that it was already off). Still complains, but now allows export of settings. :BNC

Glad it worked I guess your results can pprove useful to affected members an developers as well.
I don’t know if disabling UAC is a CFP prerequisite for Vista, anyway I guess devs can do something about this.