How to back up with CBU 2 RC4 in a virtual machine? [RESOLVED]

That’s the question! I’m trying to make a complete CBU system snapshot in two Microsoft Virtual PC virtual machines. However, when selecting a backup destination (step 3), My Computer is empty (the virtual machine HDD is a virtual disk - .vhd) and choosing Network doesn’t work either (CBU doesn’t find any).

Any ideas?

EDIT: It’s reasonable that Network doesn’t work, because I don’t have any, but My Computer should display something I think… I know CBU can backup to CD/DVD and my virtual machines successfully display (and read) the CD/DVD drive in Windows Explorer.

If you selected the entire hard disk for backup, there is no other hard disk for backup destination file.
You cannot backup your hard disk on the same hard disk.

Thank you

Thank you for the reply.

I realized this in another thread, where I thought something was buggy in CBU as it didn’t show my drive on my real PC (in other words, not the virtual one) either. The reason though was that I only had one drive… plugging in a USB stick solved that problem on the real PC.

Anyway, this is straightened out now, so let’s close the thread. :-TU