how to back import / export comodo global rules

well for some reason i have to install windows xp .
i am not replacing my windows 7 machine , i am installing windows xp on separate partition

problem is

in this 6 months i made lots of global rules,predefined policies ,blocked network zone
so i want this same rules in my new windows xp service pack 2

so how to import these settings from winodws 7 machine [ i want only import global rules,predefined policies ,blocked network zone

so Please tell me how to import/export global rules ,predefined policies ,blocked network zones

There is lots of things that i cant do it manually

So once again i am having dual boot system windows 7 , and windows xp and i want to import my comodo firewall global rules , predefined policies, and blocked network zone
Please tell me how ??

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any body
answer please

its dual boot system ???

There is no easy road here. This will require improvisation. It is something that I have never tried before and I cannot guarantee this will work. The least complex way to go is to use the export/import function of Configurations. You will then export and import a complete configuration.

Start with exporting with your XP configuration. It will be stored in a .cfgx file (an XML based file).

Since you are using a dual boot that means that XP and 7 have different partitions on which they are installed. That means that you will have to manually edit the .cfgx file to change all the paths to matching Win 7 paths. Assuming XP is on C and 7 on E then you will have to change everything that says c:\ to e:.

Hopefully the Windows System Application Group is the same for XP and Win 7.Otherwise that could cause hiccups.

Once it is running use the Purge button to get rid off possible superfluous rules for programs that are installed on XP but not on Win 7.

If you really insist on exporting only certain aspects you could try a copy/paste job between .cfgx files.

There is one thing to keep in mind when doing this. Rules hold a UID (User ID) code. If you are choosing to copy past XP rules into Win 7 .cfgx file you will have to change the UID of XP to the UID used by the Win 7 installation.