How to avoid other language posts


I do not know whether this is the right place for it or not…

Please tell me how I can avoid Russian and other language posts in Comodo forum.

I want only English Posts to show up for me, both for searches and daily checking…

Can I do this. If yes, how ?

You can only change this when searching. Go to Advanced search and choose what board to look in. By default the search will look in all boards.

Hi SivaSuresh,

Eric is right

At the same time, you have to be more specific about getting that “Russian content”

Why I am asking? Well…:

  • 1st, I am with Comodo from “day one”;
  • I’m using English board as a main board to participate;
  • My native language is Russian & I do know Ukrainian perfectly (fluent speaker as in Russian – no issues), therefore I deliberately visiting those “foreign languages” forums as well occasionally;
  • When using “Search” you would very rarely hit , say Russian section, despite it is possible, since many users from Russia can speak better English than … ,
    … but again it is almost impossible to get such content using English keywords;
    then … indeed I’ve seen few posts in plain Russian within English section … - that is extremely(!) rare and usually mods and users are advising to visit Russian section posting the reference;
    As an example, lately it was an “interesting” post from one Ukrainian/Russian user here in English forum … believe me, that guy has no idea about anything +plus+ he cannot speak neither Ukrainian no Russian. The latter is just a simple disgrace. I observed his posts there – woW!!! I have no intention to point fingers and create any tensions re: the matter, but trust me


After all said above … again… please enlighten us how you’ve managed to find posts in Russian within the English section

a side note: (or could be considered !ot! in OffTopic :slight_smile: )

There is a big issue though with this forum Software. I raised the question probably a year or more ago.
Problem: you cannot set watch/un-watch topic, which is common, rather a standard in any other forums. Many users agreed that time with me.
So, if you posted once and then lost an interest in specific thread/topic – you are basically doomed, since using “Show new replies to your posts” will haunt you forever unless you go through those threads and remove your post(s)
That’s extremely bad & completely unacceptable design flaw of this forum Software

My regards

If it happens in search, I would manage it the way Eric suggested.

I happen to come across russian posts when I click “show updated posts since last visit”

Sure, no doubts about that

There is no way (in Hell) as far as I know you can get those … using “Show new replies to your posts” as pointed above.
Definitely - that’s the one you wanna hit compare to “…since last visit…” hehe! :smiley: Oh boy!

The latter is just an “insane” option. Thanks for clarifying the matter. Now we know what you meant



“Show new replies to your posts” is not always what I want. It will not show me new forum posts.

I would like to see new forum posts that have been posted since my last visit, which is that link “show posts since last visit” for.

May be it’s insane, or looks so to others, but that’s what I want.

I see , SivaSuresh

The matter is getting clearer and more transparent with every reply by you, Thanks.

Very good point - and that’s another item (in addition to my request about “watch/un-watch” ) that can go into the Wish List of this Forum Software

Indeed, “…since last visit…” should have a filter by the “section/sub-forum of interest”
If that’s what you mean - I do agree 100% :-TU


p.s. I’m Siber (derived from Siberia) , but not “S[C]yber” , where similar pronunciation was intended :wink:


Thanks for the reply…

I meant exactly the same…

Note: Thanks for correcting me on your name misspell…

You are not the first to have spelled Siber with the phonetically same word Cyber … :slight_smile:

That’s Ok, Eric
I was not offended by any means :slight_smile:

but speaking of issues raised & recalled in this discussion it would be nice if you can use your authority/power & influence and ask the devs to implement some changes re: forum Software