How to automatically stop internet activity when the screen saver comes on?

I use to use ZA pro. It had a feature that I like. It would block all internet activity when my computer went into screen saver mode and then automatically unblock internet activity when you moved your mouse to get back to the desktop.
How can I do that with Comodo ver 3?

As far as I know Comodo doesn’t have this feature but you can open up Comodo and click “stop all activity”.

Thanks for the tip, however I already figured that out and it isn’t quite what I’m looking for. It is nice to know that when you step away from your computer, that the internet will be automatically blocked when it goes into screen saver mode.
Who should I be contacting to see if this feature can be added for later releases?

Post it in the feedback area. But why do you need to block the internet when away from your pc? If you do that then programs such as your anti virus cannot auto update.

That is really not a problem. NOD32, for example, is set to check every hour…since nothing can get in while the internet is blocked, there is no concern about a virus, malware, or other nasty things happening while I am away, nor any remote hacker or bot trying to get in.

Arre you behind a hardware modem? I have a hardware modem and thats the best line of defense for any pc.

I am connected to my Router which is connected to the Cable Modem. I have tested my setup with GRC’s “Sheilds Up” and every port seems to be in Stealth Mode, but not being a computer expert, I assume that my setup is good but there may be some one or something that could still defeat my setup. That is why the caution.