HOW-TO Automatically Back-up/Save Bookmarks,extension, browser preference & more

[i][b]Applies to COMODO Dragon on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome OS[/b][/i]

For PERSONAL workstation ONLY.[/b][/u]

others may have access to your save passwords and other auto fill data

You can save your bookmarks, extensions, apps, theme, and browser preferences to your Google Account so that they are available on any computer you’re using. That way, you can have the same web experience everywhere.

How it works

  • Your settings and data are saved to your Google Account.

When you sign in to Chrome, your Google Chrome settings on that computer are saved to your Google Account. When you sign in to the same account on another computer, Google Chrome makes your saved settings available on that computer.
Recover your settings and data, such as bookmarks, apps, extensions, themes, etc. if your computer is lost or broken. Simply sign in to Chrome again to bring them back.

  • Changes are synced instantaneously.

Any changes you make to your browser settings will be synced to the Google Account you’ve used to sign in to Chrome. Changes you make on one computer are automatically reflected on the other computers where you’re signed in and have enabled sync.

  • You have total control over your information.

[i]To keep your information secure, synced data is encrypted when it travels between your computer and Google’s servers. As an added layer of protection, by default your saved passwords are encrypted on your computer and on Google’s servers using a cryptographic key. You also have the option to encrypt all your synced data. You can remove your synced data from your Google Account at any time, using the Google Dashboard.

If you share your browser with multiple people, add them as Chrome users, so everyone can maintain their own browser settings, including bookmarks, apps, extensions, and theme.[/i]

Easy to set-up

copy and paste in the address bar dragon://settings/personal and click Sign in to Dragon

Sign in with you Gmail Account

Choose what information to sync

to disconnect Sync click on Disconnect your Google Account or to change What to Sync click on Advanced

Google Dashboard Sync information

[b]Hope this easily help back-up's your bookmarks, extensions, apps, theme, and browser preferences[/b]