How to auto start dial-up connection with non-IE browsers (XP) → this doesn’t work for me for obvious (Bold Fortune file killing spree) reasons :(. Even if it does work, there would be an extra service running every time…

Anyway, what I’ve been using is a shortcut to my DSL connection in Network Connections. I placed it in the Startup folder. But lately, I’ve sometimes noticed it doesn’t open for some reason.

Does anybody have any other suggestions like with .vbs scripts or anything that can auto dial up?

maybe rearranging the order of that shortcut in startup folder will do. probaably it doesn’t work becaause it start too soon.

It has worked for several months. Only recently did it sometimes not work, and it’s the only one in the startup folder. :-\

I forgot how to create a delay by using some basic script commands.

Found it here:;msg43817#msg43817

But my null file must’ve been deleted too :-[ because now that command doesn’t work.

That was a nice solution. On XP the command would be ping -i 4>NUL

You could try to convert the batch file to exe and add an icon

Looks interesting, but what is the benefit of using an executable? Doesn’t leave the command prompt in the task bar or something else ???

It doesn’t work on my pc :’(

But there are few of these converter that can allow you to hide that console window and add an icon.

EDIT: this one is an online converter. it works but you cannot add an icon.

Could you not use “Task Scheduler” found in System Tools to start the correct network service? You can set a bootup delay as well. You need to find the command that starts network dialup and give it the name of the DSL one and I think that’s it. The web should have more on that. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m also maintaining a minimum amount of services starting up. I have 8 running. So adding more services running is a no-no for me.

Maybe I’ll just create a shorcut on the desktop for manual connecting/disconnecting :stuck_out_tongue:

I found out where it went wrong: typo on the null - was missing the second l.

However, all those parameters don’t seem to affect the timing of less than a few seconds. e.g. I want to specify it times out in 1 second. I can’t seem to do this.

Edit: never mind. i found out how:

ping -n 1>NULL

However, it then creates an empty file called NULL. DOH! (:AGY)

So here’s what I did at the end:

  1. Open Notepad and enter the following:
[ at ]echo off
ping -n 2
rasphone -d ISPConnection
  1. Save as ISPConnection.bat (using ANSI format - Unicode or other doesn’t execute batch scripts on my PC for some reason) to a separate folder
  2. Create a shortcut to ISPConnection.bat and set it to start minimized
  3. Move this shortcut to my Startup folder.

Works and the console in the taskbar disappears as soon as my connection is connected ;D :-TU

But for how long…I’ll leave this thread open for a week or so just in case.