How to auto-approve updated programs.

I don’t mind clicking through the five of six pop ups whenever I use a new application, in fact I enjoy the fact that I know what they are doing, but it becomes annoying with programs that must be updated on a weekly basis or more often.

For example, I play Magic Online. It updates its executable every time I run it and then I have to approve of it running, accessing the keyboard, dns, internet, etc, and it becomes exceedingly annoying. I would make a rule to allow it, but the version number is tacked on the the end (“C:/Program Files/Wizards of the Coast/Magic Online/magic####.exe”) of the executable’s name and there does not appear to be any form of wildcard support in the rules that I can find.

Any way I can get this approved automatically, or perhaps get the programmers to allow wildcards in names for situations like this?

Did you try treat as “trusted application” in the popup?

I program name is not used to identify programs, so wildcards won’t help. New programs will always be checked. As Coolio10 says, the way to minimize the pop-ups is to click on the “Treat this program as…” button and select “Trusted Application” from the drop-down on the first pop-up that the new version causes.