How to animate my avatar.

How do you animate your avatar?


Hi jasper

They’re just Animated GIF files, like this… :BNC

Okay, you don’t have to PM me - I saw the thread come up… :slight_smile:

I’ll tell you how I did mine, using yours as an example…

You copy your little graphic to a new blank background of the same size as the original, just slightly to the right (very very slightly). Then you do the same thing again and again until it’s “moved” all the way over. Then you just need to use a program that can create an animated .gif (I used Serif PhotoPlus 6.0 for mine - it’s free). It gives you a new window where you just drag your little pictures in order of movement. You can plug in a delay between frames, include a blank white frame to create a bigger pause or noticeable “shift” between frames if you like. If you search for a user called “The RingMaster” - in a thread last year about when CAVS would be released, we had a fun little exchange about his name, and I made him a very basic animated avatar; it’s attached to one of my posts (if he doesn’t still have it for his avatar). I used blank frames in that; I did not in mine.

That gets us started…


Kail, I’d love to see what your avatar would do, if animated… :wink:


Hmm… OK, I’ll work on it.

PS (edit) Sorry Jasper on seeing LMs post, I realised my response was obviously way too simple & that you were asking how to construct a GIF.

NP Kail.

Downloading PhotoPlus now and will see what I can come up with.



Ok, got this animation working in all of the browsers and everywhere else but when I upload it to the forum it gets saved as a .png file for some reason and just refuses to animate.

This file was an animated .gif when I first put it up here and it just never did work.

I am using the upload picture under my profile to put it up here.

Don’t know what else to try unless I am using the wrong method to upload it. (:AGY)


Can you at least upload this gif file in this thread?

Hi Jasper

Unfortunately that’s the way the BB works… probably to save space. You’ll need to get your GIF hosted on the web by someone like ImageShack.

Ok I tried it myself with a gif from another site that’s 100 x 100 pixels by saving it to my pc and then uploading it. It took it, but because the dimension limit for uploaded avatars is 85 x 64 pixels, it turned out to be a non-animated gif >:(.

According to Garry (admin), if you link it from another site like Kail suggested with image shack, the limit is 64 x 64 pixels and it’ll then accept the animated gif avatar, just auto-resized.

Sorry it took me so long to reply but we had a very bad storm here and I had to unplug everything for the last 2 hours.

I am able to upload the file just fine.

I’ll put it up on Image Shack and see how that works now that everything is up and running again.

Thanks for the help from all of you.


Edit: size was 96x96. Got everything working and will get it more readable tomorrow. Thanks again all. I will wait to mark this as resolved tomorrow also.

Jasper, the last message from your avatar is illegible due to the resizing. You can consider starting from a smaller size to make it clearer.

Yeah, I am going to put it in PhotoPlus this weekend and get it looking right. Thanks for the help again.


Something else that might help, besides the resolution, is to double up that final frame (in other words, use it several times to create a delay); this will give everyone a better chance to read it.


Now I see it clearly (with Opera). I was looking at it through IE6 with outdated flash and directx software on my work computer.

yeah, looks pretty crude right now. Hopefully I can downsize it and clean it up alot so that the text is clearer.


I went into PhotoPlus and downsized it to 64x64 and made the text frames display longer. So can you read the text now? Very easy to change if you can’t.

Was also able to upload it to the forum instead of having to host it.

jasper ;D

As I posted previously, it was actually problem with viewing under IE6 + obsolete flash & directx on my other computer that I couldn’t view the last message, “OH ■■■■!”.

The animation is better in this one. However, the first message is smaller relative to the 2nd and 3rd ones 88). Let me help you debug

this error:

  1. The platform/ground can be lowered so there’s more room for the balloon message
  2. Since you have chosen the better alternative of uploading instead of linking your avatar, I think it can be sized to the limit of 85 x 64. I don’t really recall an animated avatar exceeding 64 x 64 in this forum, though. You can try.

I’ll do another resize to see if it will go 85x64 on the forum or not. What I ran into was it was already flattened and I can’t get into the layers to change anything on it. Bummer. So I am stuck with it the way it is short of the resizing part.


Lookin’ nice :D. Best version yet.