How to always allow execution ?

I’m using XYPlorer as a file browser, but I get constant notifications when launching programs with it. Which is half the point of an explorer alternative.

Putting it in the trusted profile doesn’t help, since it keeps asking. I checked and I can’t set Allow for progrram execution in the rules …

So what, does this mean I cannot have “launcher” applications do their job without stupid prompts ? ???

Also, what is the difference between the “windows system” and the “Trusted application” profiles. They seem to have the same rules.

What configuration are you running (check under Manage My Configurations)? Is D+ set to Safe Mode or Paranoid?

The difference between Windows System Application and Trusted Application is that WSA is allowed to start other executables without notification where TA is not allowed.

Please check Defense + rules to see if there is a rule called “All Applications”. If it is there see if the D+ rule for XYPlorer is somewhere underneath this rule. If it is drag and drop the rule for XYPlorer to a place above the All Applications rule.

Yay, I changed it to WSA and now it doesn’t pester me, thanks !

Did a Purge, too.