How to alter location of Profiles?

I started on a new computer (Windows 10) and made the switch. I’m fresh to IceDragon (50) and would like to move my profile out of the windows section. In FF there was only ONE profile folder xxxxxxxx.default and the path to it given in the profiles.ini file. Now CID has TWO profile folders (one in the roaming dir and the other in the local dir, both with the same name. This arises the next questions:

  • How do I address these TWO folders with a non-relative path, i.e. IsRelataive=0 In FF it would be for example Path=P:\Profiles\FF\xxxxxxxx.default
  • How do I keep them separated, is it really necessary or can I join them?
  • Why is it that the profile information is separated?

Looking forward to the new surfing experience and off course the answers