How to allow P2P like SouleSeek

Hi all,

I’m finding it impossible to allow SoulSeek. Comodo won’t do it. I have succesfully opened the correct port through my modem software. When I exit COMODO Soulseek works fine.

In Comodo, I have selected the following choices for SoulSeek.

Application: SoulSeek
Parent: explorer

Action: Allow
Protocol: TCP or UDP
Direction: In/Out

Destination IP: The one shown from SoulSeek (Default Any still didn’t work)

Destination Port: A Single Port (5056) (Default selection Any - still didn’t work)

Please, please this is driving me nuts.

Thanks in advance.

Somebody correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe Soulseek is on the list of trusted applications. It should work out of the box, no questions asked. It did for me.

Hi sp_key, welcome to the forums.

I’m not familiar with SoulSeek, so I don’t know if its a Comodo White-Listed application or not. However, I do recommend using CFPs Log (Activity tab) as a diagnostic guide to creating rules… if CFP is blocking something, then is only does so silently when told to (not by default). So, if CFP blocks something, then it is likely that there is Log entry for it (maybe hundreds!). The Log entries detail which bit of CFP performed the block and on what, this should help you to see what rules you need… unless the block is Application Behavior Analysis (ABA) originated.