How to allow p2p client through Comodo firewall ?

My pc was formatted before some 10 days or so. Before i had bittorent properly working through Comodo. I saw those steps somewhere in this same site. I cant able to find that same post.

I remembered those steps…seems correct to me.But its not working though…Comodo blocking it…There is something wrong in the steps i did. Below are the rules that i did

Action = Allow
Protocol = TCP or UDP
Direction = In
Source IP = Any
Destination IP =Any
Source port = Any
Destination port = I selected single port and entered the port number which the Bittorent is using.

Now what is wrong in those above steps ?

Try this: Turn off uTorrent then in Firewall - Stealth Port Wizard – Alert me to incoming
Then start uTorrent and wait for Pop up and select Allow!

Thanks for that. either that worked. or something else did :]
I turned off utorrent and it popped up. yay