How to allow my currently developed apps?

I’m developing game app in .NET XNA, but Comodo Firewall blocked it, because it isn’t known app.

Will I be able to set rights for one folder and files and apps in?
I would like to set to my “Project” folder something like “don’t care for this”.

Is something like this possible?

Thank you

What module(s) do you need it allowed in? HIPS, Behavior Blocker, Firewall?

Certainly so; there’s no way Comodo can catalog every program or signer in the world.

I keep the Firewall set to Custom Policy so I set rules on what every executable can and can’t access on the network. I’m not sure how the other modes work exactly, but surely you can add in a program and set specific rules for it (like “allow everything”). I don’t use the Defense+ part much either, but surely there’s the same kinda of setup there.

Sorry I don’t have a copy of v6 in front of me or I’d help get you started.

I can help you configure CiS to ignore a folder. What r u trying to exclude this from? The sandbox or hips

I made a video going through how to allow a folder for HIPS and Firewall and exclude it from sandboxing, video is here: Allow a folder for HIPS, BB and Firewall in CIS - YouTube (might still be processing, give it a minute or two)

Ok, I’m sorry for bad information. My problem isn’t about firewall, but about Defence+

So thank you for advice.
I added my folder to exceptions and now all works :slight_smile: