How to Allow Linux Server Connection?


I have computers on a network that are connected to a Linux Server. After Installing CIS, the 2 network drives show as disconnected. When I did the install and restarted the computer, CIS detected the local network. I have tried it both with the first option checked and without it checked (to allow for file, print sharing, etc.) Neither way allow me to access the network drives.

Also,I had initially tried using the Comodo secure DNS and realized that was probably a bad idea later. When I removed the Comodo DNS and did a restart, I had access to the network drives. When I logged out and logged back into the computer, the network drives were once again disconnected.

Should there be a way for me to setup an exception from the computer I’m on to all connection to and from the server drives? Windows firewall does not cause the same issue. I have access to the network drives when using just the windows firewall.


I assume you are using the default Internet Security configuration and that you have made you local network trusted.

When the application responsible for local network access is somewhere under the All Applications rule it will use the rule set by the All Applications rule; it is subordinate to that.

First thing to do is to move the program rule to a place somewhere above the All Applications rule and make it trusted for now.

Does that solve it for you?

Thanks for the reply. I obviously haven’t been on here much. I ended up putting CIS firewall in “training mode”, accessed the network server drives, then switched the firewall back to “safe mode”.

Another question I have… I am not an expert on networks by any means but have good basic knowledge. Is there an easy way to determine the IP address of the server on your network using one of the other computers on the network? One of the computers on the network has Windows 2000 so I am using an older version of Comodo Firewall and don’t have the luxury of simply going into “training mode” to detect the network. I’m guessing I need to list the server’s IP address as an exception to allow access to and from the server using the Windows 2000 computer.