How to allow HomeGroup PCs in Windows 7 64-bit thru Comodo Firewall

How can I allow HomeGroup PCs (all Windows 7 64-bit machines) to connect to each-other thru Comodo firewall please…

If I turn off the firewall I get to see/explore all of 'em in Windows Explorer but with firewall being on, I can’t. And there’s no pop-up or anything to allow in CIS. When I installed CIS (on all 3 PCs) I checked the “I would like to be fully accessible to other PCs in this network” option.

Many thanks.

CIS Ver: 3.14.130099.587

I had the same problem when I started using CIS.

What I did was to create a rule in the Global settings to “allow TCP/UDP IN” from each MAC address of the other PC’s. Then in the Application Rules I had to set SVCHOST and SYSTEM to outgoing only but then also add the same “allow incoming TCP/UDP” for each MAC address.

I also then had to create an allow UDP → in Global, so all the PC’s would show up in Network Places.

There is probably a much easier way to do it, that i’d also be interested in.

@ cchrisr1uk

many thanks, for now I’ll try the same too.