How to allow FTP

Since installing version 2.4, the internet connection diagnostic utility displays the message in the attachment. (Preventing me from accessing a referred site from Microsoft Update, in theis case, HP.)
This didn’t happen in 2.3. How do I configure the firewall to safely achieve the required connectivity? Nothing about FTP in the help menu.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Just tried at again, and this time it worked without a hitch.
Is it possible the request for the page during the first attempt timed out in the few seconds it took to tell Comodo to “allow” the connection?

Hi Targ57

Under CPF 2.3 it was recommended that FTP clients be set to “Skip advanced security checks” (Application Monitor - Edit - Miscellaneous tab). Although, I’ve not tested this myself I recommend that you try the same for CFP 2.4.

I hope that helps.

Thanks for the reply. Found the controls referred to, but nowhere in the list of applications is there anything that says “FTP”. They’re all TCP or UDP or a combination. Nor do I have any idea what (if any) applications should be authorized to use FTP.
Help menu doesn’t have a reference to it, and Google (for once) doesn’t help.
Any suggestions?

You need to look under the Miscellaneous tab, its the last tab.

So, open CFP. Go to the Security tab, open the Application Monitor. Find your FTP client. Right click, Edit & select the Miscellaneous tab. You’ll find the Skip advanced security checks option on that tab.

Right. Maybe I wasn’t clear enough. Can find the tabs etc (application, misc etc), my problem is lack of knowledge. How do I know what my FTP client is or should be?
Don’t want to create/edit a rule for the wrong thing.

Sorry, my fault. I should have realised that.

So, to recap all that you were doing was using MSIE 7 on the Windows Update site. You then followed an external link to HP & then you got that message from XP. Right?

If so, then please post the URL that you followed here & let me try it. Thanks.

That’s right. The link was to HP.
Then “the page cannot be displayed” and running xp network diagnostics showed the message illustrated.
Strangely, I can connect to it no trouble now. I’m just confused as to why the network diagnostic should have given that message, which I’ve not seen before, and how relevant/important it is?

From time to time I get “page can not be displayed” in IE and Firefox (which is the main browser)(eg does it…I use SpywareTerminator) and I’ve just written it off to being the hosts file, Spyware Blaster, or Spybot’s preventing it loading. Maybe it’s something else?

EDIT the page can be displayed, it just no longer exists, or maybe never did, but connects to HP ok.
I was there trying to find out the significance of a hardware update recommended by MS, because there was a lack of info on the MS update site about it. There was none on the HP site. Since it was a security update I’ve installed it. Yet it doesn’t appear on add/remove programs. Quite strange.

The URL doesn’t work, probably related to your specific session.

Were there any pop-ups from CFP around the time you clicked on the HP URL? Anything in CFPs Log from around the same time?

You probably need to tick the “Show Updates” option on Add/Remove Programs to see MS updates.


OK, well you only need to go back to the Windows Update site & “Review your update history” if you want to see what it was.

Yep. It was:
Hewlett-Packard - Other Hardware - Photosmart 3100 series (DOT4)
Hewlett-Packard Other Hardware sofware update released in August, 2006
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Just strange it doesn’t appear. Maybe it’s in the program files somewhere. (Well, I guess it must be.)

Anyway, any idea how I can find out what applications should be authorized to use FTP, or how/where I could find this out?
Appreciate your replies.

OK, I don’t think 3rd party hardware updates (which is what the HP printer update would be) appear as part of MS’s own updates.

FTP? Well, MSIE 7 can do FTP (which I suppose it may have attempted)… But, what about my previous questions…

Were there any pop-ups from CFP around the time you clicked on the HP URL? Anything in CFPs Log from around the same time?

Yes. There was a pop up, or two. I was a bit slow to allow it. Maybe that’s the reason. But when the diagnostics were running I allowed the popups promptly. Still got the message in the screen shot.
Attached a screenshot of update history…a HP update via the microsoft site. Or maybe an XP update relevant only to HP.
For some reason the logs only go back to the beginning of today, and I have clicked “last seven days”.

EDIT now with screenshot.

[attachment deleted by admin]

OK, that makes sense. XP’s diagnostic must have fired up because it appeared to have not worked (short time-out probably)… as it was still hung up by CFP waiting for your authorisation.

So, that’s probably why you got the XP message. Shame we couldn’t look at the relevant CFP Log from around that time… without that we really can’t determine what rattled CFPs cage & caused the initial pop-up. It might have been the FTP action… or, more likely, the DLL that MSIE 7 uses for FTP.

I don’t think there’s much more we can do at this point, unless the problem occurs again.

Thankyou for your time, kail.
If it happens again, I shall take a screenshot (or two) of the log ASAP.
All appears well now, apart from a problem I have, in another thread, re windows security centre indicating firewall off, and that seems to be getting less frequent.

OK, Tarq.

I wouldn’t worry too much about what XPs WSC (Windows Security Center) says or not says, it is fairly useless. It merely gives users a warm comfortable feeling as apposed to actually protecting them… saying that it’s “not fit for purpose”, is being very kind. ;D It was the 1st thing I turned off, when I recently downgraded from W2k Pro to XP Pro.

OK thanks. Maybe I’ll point out the defect to MS. (Hah!)
First thing I removed was MSN messenger, followed quickly by quicktime and acrobat.

It’s doing it less frequently now, anyway.