How to allow CuteFtp to connect to Web Site?

For some reason (as it worked for a long time) recently COMODO started blocking CuteFtp from connecting to my web site. So I have to set COMODO to Allow All for the time when I need to use CuteFtp. Since it worked before, something must have changes in COMODO preferences.

Where would I go in COMODO to specify that CuteFtp should be allowed to connect to the web site?

Thank you in advance for any help.

FTP is a difficult protocol to support as it is not very firewall friendly. If you could connect before, and then suddenly can not connect, then something somewhere has changed. It may not be on your machine, or with your CFP settings. It could be a problem with the server you are connecting to, or with their firewall, or something in between. If you’re curious about the details, I’ll suggest File Transfer Protocol - Wikipedia

Let’s start, by seeing what is in your CFP logs. If you could post those, it would help.

Is your CuteFTP client set to use “normal FTP”, passive mode, or extended passive mode? And, are you connecting thru a NAT/router?

First, thank you for your message and I am very sorry for delay in replying.

Here are the answers to your questions:

  1. my CuteFTP is set to use "normal FTP.

  2. About CFP log. How can I stop CFP logging and then turn it on right before trying to connect to FTP so that I can see the log specific to CuteFTP connect?

Again, thank you for your help.

“Normal” FTP is the most difficult to get to work properly, as the original FTP protocol embeds IP addresses in it’s packets. If you connect thru a NAT/router, or the server you are trying to connect with is behind a NAT/router, that embedded IP address is not translated by NAT. Things mysteriously don’t work, but just have to time-out.

For “normal” FTP to work, you have to be directly connected to the Internet, and the server you are connecting to also has to be directly connected to the Internet. There are not any NAT/routers present at all.

If there is even one NAT/router present, then FTP passive mode has to be used.

Regarding logging, there is not a means of turning logging on and off, other than manually changing the rule that is logging a particular packet. It would be possible to export the log to HTML, and then edit the file. But that would prove to be a tedious exercise.

Alternatively, you could clear all the log information, and then try the CuteFTP operation. The log would contain only the FTP connection. To clear the log, click Activity → Logs, then right-click anywhere in the log itself to show the selection menu, and click “Clear All Logs”.

Thank you very much for your help.