How to allow cretin dll files that show as trojans

How to allow cretin dll files that show as Trojans ? as soon as i start the download it removes the dll file even if i close comodo internet security ?

If the file is detected by Comodo and you believe it’s safe, then it might be a False positive (=FP).
Can you disable the Comodo Antivirus, then download your file and then upload it to virustotal ?
After that, just post the virustotal link in this thread.

With default settings the AV of CIS is set to not show av alerts and automatically quarantine. When disabling this setting you will be alerted.

Thanks for the reply spywar i will do that but for now im just gona run with out it got to get caught up on some projects but when i put it back in i will post that thanks again.

No problem, waiting for the link :slight_smile: