How to allow blocked site?

I just installed the new COMODO and when I go to a site I used before(requires SSL login) it tells me that:

Warning: Unsafe Website Blocked!

I cant do anything. Every time I keep accessing it, it tells me the same thing >:(. How can I add this website as a safe one?

Thank you

This may be related to the new malware blocking feature of Comodo’s secure DNS service that went live yesterday. See this thread for details.

Try removing the Comodo DNS from your configuration and that will probably solve your issue.

i have the same problem adamskiii is having.
When accessing a trusted site i was offerd the choise to override the blocking but when i try to access another (trusted) site, Comodo does not give me that opportunity.
The only ‘clickable’ space present on the Comodo’s warning page is : “Go back to safety (Recommended)” :(.
I just passed the last two hours searching in Comodo’s options but there is no reference to the blocked site,
i search in the Windows register and still no trace of that name,
i made a word research in all C: files, still no results except in Firefox directories.
Indeed as i read somewhere on this site, Firefox displayed a warning message before Comodo’s and allowed me to overide the blocking.
I tried to access this site with Opera and Comodo displayed the warning window BUT WITH the button allowing me to overide.
As i use mainly Firefox, i decided to uninstall Comodo. But the site remains blocked by the same Comodo’s warning window!! >:( .
Moderator, members, please what can i do?


Go to your network adapter
Right mouse click and select properties
Select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)
Click properties button
Change settings to “obtain DNS Server address automatically”
Save and it works ok.

When you install CIS and say you want to use their SecureDNS servers it changes this setting to use their servers.

Hellow Johnny boy,
your method worked like a charm!

Thanks a LOT.

I will just add a few things to make it clearer for ‘The nuls’ and the french speakers:

Dans la zone de notification de la barre des tâches (près de l’horloge), cliquer droit sur l’icône ‘Connexion réseau’ et cliquer sur ‘Etat’.
Dans la fenêtre, cliquer sur ‘Propriétés’
Dans la nouvelle fenêtre, aller dans la fenêtre déroulante et plus ou moins tout en bas, sélectionner 'Protocole Internet (TCP/IP) puis ouvrir l’onglet ‘Propriété’ et sélectionner ‘Obtenir les adresses des serveurs DNS automatiquement’.
Les deux adresses présentes seront effacées.
Et voilà!

Baisers from Belgium

Just tried this using Win 7 & Firefox 3.6.6, still getting website blocked message. No option to ignore & proceed.