How to allow any program to execute a file ?


A crashed .net program executes this file.

So how do i allow any program to execute it ? ???

I’m not sure if I’m understanding this correct. You want any program to be able to execute dw20.exe?
If so, I’m not sure if/how this would affect your safety, but to do it you would just go to:

Defense+ > Computer Security Policy > ‘All Applications’ entry > Customize > Modify ‘Run an Executable’ and enter the path of dw20.exe to the allowed group.

That file is the “Microsoft .NET Error Reporting Shim”
It gets called when a .NET program crashes.

So why wouldn’t it be safe to allow any program to use it ?

Do you have a better solution in mind ?

The reason i want this is because when i’m in a game “Magicka”, for example, and it crashes, the comodo popup window pops up behind the the crashed game so its invidible and the only way to get to that popup window is to do a Win+L to get out of the crashed game window and get access to the comodo popup window.

Alt+Tab doesn’t work for comodo’s popup window and using alt+tab to minimize the game window doesn’t work because comodo have frozen it.

It’s very annoying.

I could also wait for the comodo popup timeout (default 2 minutes) but who has the time or patience to do that, right?

This comodo popup issue with fullscreen games happen a lot. for example when the fullscreen game wants internet access.

What does the pop up say? Is a program trying to execute dw20 or is dw20 trying to execute/terminate the crashed program?