How to allow an MMO i play to use a specified port properly

Server name: Laanx
Hosted by: Fragnetics
Port: UDP 7777

that’s the info i have and i need to make sure that Comodo is allowing it to use that port for the game. I have already sid i trust the program so can anyone help me?

Welcome to the Forum. 133794m3r

Have you tried setting D+ and Firewall in Training mode to learn what it needs to function properly?

Well i just tried it but i need to have the port 7777 going both ways in and out so that the game will run properly i don’ thave D+ on and Firewall’s on Training but doesn’t work :confused:

Have you tried to modify an existing firewall rule for this game?
Firewall/Advanced/Network Security Policy Find your game file and select it, click Edit.
Is it UDP or TCP (or both) you need port 7777 open for?
‘Apply’ to all windows on your way out. Does this help any?

it’s all and that still isn’t work and i’m unsure as to what one it needs. i have all open and i also have the port 7777 added to my safe ports. But it’s not loading for some reason :confused: and i believe it’s the firewall.

You need to open the port for incoming traffic under Global rules.

Go to Firewall → Advanced → Network Security Policy → Global rules → Add → fill in the following:
Action: Allow
Protocol: UDP
Direction: In
Description: UDP incoming port 7777

Source Address: Any
Destination address: choose your MAC address for example. Or if you have a fixed internal IP address you can choose that.
Source port: any
Destination port: 7777

When done click apply. Look under Global rules and make sure the rule is somewhere above the basic block rule (which has a red icon). Click Ok and you are done.

thanks Eric this might help me with my problem. . .

but that port will be open to EVERYBODY!!! what a nightmare lol
I suggest putting your friend IP in the source single IP entry.

That sounds like a sane plan to me.

ok so then i should find the IP Address of the server and mke it that IP address only? o.O or should i keep it like he said?

I looked up the IP address that belongs to using an online whois service: . The IP address for the game server is:

You can enter that IP address in the Global Rule you made.

I must admit I don’t know much about online gaming. Assuming you only contact the game server and don’t need incoming traffic from other players then you can use the IP address of the game server in your Global Rule.

In the situation you do need incoming traffic of other players as well then you need to make the source address Any.

Don’t get scared by having a port open for all the web to see. I have had a couple of ports open for a couple of years for p2p programs and never got hacked. This is what you have a firewall for; keeping the bad guys out.