how to allow acces to specific port !! in-going

I need some info on how to open a port with the firewall ,cause ,I’v got a problem when a play online in-going traffic is jam on a port
That keeps me from hosting game with my own maps and the players that want to play with me on the same maps cant get to download the
maps and to join the match or game. out-going traffic is ok . but in-going is not!?

Hi and welcome,

Is the following any use to you:,668.0.html


From the way you’re telling, I think it’s Warcraft III - Battle.Net.
Follow the link by Mike, and remember to set the “Remote Port” to 6112-6119 (“Port Range” instead of “A set of ports”), while “Any” for the “Source Port”. And to make it simple, just set every IP to “Any”.