How to adress CIS for a single-file-scan?


In Orbit-Downloader it is possible to
freely choose a “anti-virus-scann-programm” for scanning
files automatically after having them downloaded.

When I browse to Comodos application folder,
I dont know what to choose.
I tried with “cfp.exe”
This opened CIS after my download, but I dont think
the file was scanned.

Is it possible with CIS?

any suggestion?

Hello BobbyBoe;

Select cavscan.exe, and use the argument %1 to feed the filename to the scanner

Does this work?


With FDM and Orbit I use cavscan.exe with argument %file%. You won’t see a user interface unless cav finds a positive detection. You can test that it’s working by downloading the eicar test string.

Hi Jakob, hi Jahn,

Thx for quick help.
As I understood, Jahns solution is already tested. I am not really confident with that eicar-thing... so I think I will just trust you. :a0 I have put %file% under "parameter" and will see Comodoaction only when virus-alarm.

You’re welcome. If you want, you can read about eicar at