how to adjust firewall settings for utorrent [Resolved]

hi i m very new to this firewall.
since i ve installed the firewall,my speeds of download in my utorrent 1.6.1 client have considerably decreased
& the network icon is not green ,it is showing a (:SAD)yellow light showing there are no incoming connections…it ll be a big help if someone canhelp me with the optimum configuration settings for the firewall
thanks in advance

Hi and welcome, (:WAV)

That’s the firewall doing its job, you just have to tell it to open the port uTorrent will be using.

If you still can’t find the way after reading that take a look at these screenies: :wink:

Don’t forget to push the new rule you create up above the existing last “block everything else” rule, the network rules are applied in due order.

thank u japo :BNC that worked like a charm …really this is the best forum that i have been to so far

You’re welcome. (:SHY)