How to add folder from one program to the exclusion list

Hi, I have installed Kingsoft Antivirus 2012 with the CIS, I would like to add Kingsoft to the exclusion list to make sure to avoid possible conflicts with Comodo firewall.
I doubt if my configuration is correct and is as follows: Firewall > Define a trusted application > Select > View > "and select the folder of Kingsoft, but will not let me open the folder and all files, so the only thing is that I can select the *. exe Kingsoft. "

¿ Do so and explained that the whole program is added to smooth exclusion ?.


As long as KAV components do not get sandboxed then there is nothing you need to do with CIS.

However, you can add the CIS installation folder to the KAV exclusions.

Why do nothing with CIS, surely for max. compatibility the OP should add the KSAV installation folder to CIS exclusions also. So IMO, best to exclude both from each other.

As for the procedure try from the D+ settings, not firewall.


I assumed he had firewall only installation. But I see I may be wrong assuming that. In case he uses the Comodo AV it’s best to add the Kingsoft installation folders to the AV Exclusions under AV → Scanner Settings → Exclusions.