How to add files?

I’m using AVG AV Free. I need to add several AVG files to Comodo. Can someone detail this process or point me to a previous discussion?
Thank you

The easiest way would be to switch Comodo to training mode, run AVG let it do what it needs, then when done switch Comodo back to the settings you usually have it (safe, clean pc, etc…).

This way Comodo will automatically learn AVG.

Hi Justin, thanks for the reply.
2 questions…

  1. Should AVG be running a scan when I do the training mode?
  2. Will other programs that are not currently running but were handled in the initial training mode lose thier rights?
    Thank you again.
  1. Yes, you can start a scan, it would not hurt. However I would be focused more at running the updater, opening the quarantine, etc…

  2. No, this will simply allow Comodo to learn new programs that are executing. For security reasons, I would set Comodo back to your original settings (as I said above) when finished. I personally have Defense+ running at Clean PC Mode, and the Firewall running in Safe Mode. So in my case, after I set both to training mode to learn AVG, I would set them back to what I currently have them as.

Hi Justin,
I ran training mode while AVG was running but no new challenge surfaced. I’m thinking that maybe when I originally granted AVG access it allowed it to run but not optimally. I suppose that is why the AVG forum suggests to manually add certain files. Can you tell me how to access that part of Comodo so that I can see if those files are already listed?

There are 2 places to add files. The firewall and D+. Simply open up Comodo and click on the Firewall tab. Then click Advanced and go to Network Security Policy. Then click add on the right. For D+ go to D+ and click on Advanced. Then go to Computer Security Policy and click on add on the right.