How to add application rule (combination of presets)

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Wile we eagerly await the promised goodies/updates/new featues/beta before end of year ;),

How does one actually create a firewall rule for an application, if one wants to combine a preset and add additional rules on top?

I got an error message stating ‘the application already has a rule’…

For example, giving an application both the ‘browser’ ruleset, as well as the ‘mail client’ rule set.

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Just make it a “Trust App”. ;D Why do you want to give it two different predefined policies anyway?

See this:;msg215679#msg215679

(A bit messy writing, I know, maybe I’ll get to fixing it :slight_smile: .)

Thanks Jeremy, but making it Trusted seems giving it a bit too much rights.
Example is using Opera as browser plus pop3 mailer.
And I did check the help file before asking this dumb question.
Thanks screenshots, and yes, you should redo those shaky digits. Almost looks like typing English on a keyboard that misses some characters |-(


Yeah, I was using Paint and the text function didn’t look good. Once I finish the screenshots for my current guide (oh those mods, I bet it will be weeks before they can finally decide how to have me post it 88)), I’ll fix it. ;D

Hello, Mack.

Comodo → Firewall\Defense+ → Advanced → Predefined policies.
Now you may add you own, Hope this helps.

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Thanks Kyle, did not think of that option. Will try it out later on and if problem come back. If I don’t come back it solved my question (or something terrible happened to me preventing me to come back)

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You can also try Firewall>Advanced>Network Security Policy (Select the application you want to alter) and click Edit on the right side of the Network Security Policy page. On the Edit window, select Custom and then choose “Copy policy from” and choose the predefined policy that has most of the rules in it. From there, you will have to manually add any missing rules that you want. I prefer to give each application a Custom rule, since the rules that are automatically generated are a bit generous for me. For instance, the automatic rule generated for a DNS lookup allows using any IP address for DNS lookups. This can be used by some malware using Svchost.exe to connect to a remote computer configured to download over the non-standard port. In my case, I can just enter the IP of my router which has a couple of predefined DNS servers coded into it. Someone else might want to define a set of IP’s that list common DNS servers and use that to limit the connections using port 53.

Thanks AnotherOne and Kyle,

Well indeed seems to involve adding manually created rules to any chosen Preset to start off with, or beginning creating Custom profile completely from scratch… I was a bit afraid of that. I would consider it safer to be able to add 2 preset profiles (like Browser and Mail Client) together, then to start off with any chosen one and then fiddle around myself when adding the rules.

On your comment that any given preset is to ‘broad’; well, I am afraid me and quite some other firewall users have no clue when it comes to which ports and which TCP UDP etc things to choose for any given application…

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