How to add a specific port.


I’m trying to add a specific port and nothing else but I don’t now how… I just signed up on a web host but my web host is on port 2082 but I can’t get through. When I told him about it, he looked it up and put in my web address and it worked for him. He said that it could be my router but I posted here before I looked up my router info because it could be my firewall too, couldn’t it?. I don’t know…

You don’t mention how you’re trying to connect, so I’ll assume you’re using a browser - let me know to the contrary.

If you’re using the pre-defined browser rule, you can add the port to the port set used by the rule, see image 1. If you’re using some other rule, you can add the port to the rule. See image 2.

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Hello Radaghast,

Sorry I didn’t put how I’m trying to connect, I was tired last night… Yes, I’m trying to connect through my browser. I’ll put what you said, Thx