How to add a previously secure application? Two rouge applications

Simple question but I can’t seem to get the answer. Comodo is blocking two applications/executions from running. One is called Readerware (a book database), the other is the Titan backup program (these previously worked at some point in time before an update).

Running version 3.5.54375.427 of the Comodo Firewall btw.

I have spent a week trolling the posts and looking at the Comodo Firewall options and to save my life can’t find the option to allow these two apps (all others apps work fine and I can’t pinpoint when these two quit working). When I run the executables for these progs I can see the event log stop the application.

Okay, should be straight forward…add them as a trusted app. I have added the .exe files under Defense+ | Computer Security Policy…what I am missing?

Thanks in advance,


Hi Duane, welcome to the forums.

It’s possible that they’ve been blocked from execution by explorer (some how). Open CIS - Defense+ - Advanced - Computer Security Policy. Find explorer.exe (probably listed as %windir%\explorer.exe). Double click - Access Rights - Run as executable - Modify - Blocked Applications tab. See if any of the apps you’ve mentioned are in the block list.