How to add a port for uTorrent?

I opened a port, then i tested when is comodo fw disabled and the port is open but when i turn it on it detects oppose.
Here i have to enter a number which i opened and added to utorrent? Firewall > network security policy > port set > add > a new port

and then what? First i put in HTTP ports then into POP3/SMTP ports (i think these are for e-mails). When i check from setup guide (utorrent) it wrotes ‘port is not open’.

46 read?! ??? I thought this is easy question…

This is what you should do to safely use uTorrent.
It explains how to make a new “predefined policy” (like web browser or e-mail client) for uTorrent.

or if you want to make an application rule, follow these rules.;msg500592#msg500592

I f you follow the predefined rules (the 1st link) you can use Comodos “stealth port wizard” instead of messing with your global rules which is easier - and safer - in my opinion.

:o so many steps. If all those are important only for one port than probably default configuration of FW is not configured very well.
Thanks for the links i will try somehow to configure…

I created the rule 1 from the first link. And i selected this too:

Additional Notes If you have connectivity problems: Go at Firewall -> Common Tasks -> Stealth ports wizard and select Alert me to incoming connections- stealth my ports on a per-case basis

Now is ok. uTorrent detects ‘Port is open’.

I hope this is all ok. Thank you for help.