How to activate 'Run in sandbox' option for context menu?

I have 3 laptops, all Dells and all with CIS installed. In 2 of them, the option to ‘Run in COMODO Sandbox’ appears in the menu when right-clicking on any executable whenever the Sandbox is enabled. In the 3rd one it doesn’t and no matter what I try I can’t get it to do that.

If I attempt to use the manual option ‘Run a program in Sandbox’ from the program’s interface I get an error every time. Having done a full scan nothing was found.

Any ideas please?

Try running the diagnostics under the more tab and see what that tells us.

Do you have the sandbox enabled on the third machine?

The diagnostic option says it found nothing.
Yes, the sandbox is set to enabled on the 3rd machine.

I have same issues on COMODO Firewall with D+ ???

Along with the sandbox, is Defense+ enabled?


This might be a pain but if this has happened from first installing on that machine, I would consider doing an uninstall/reinstall in case of some form of corruption during installation occurred.


Sorry about the time taken getting back to you, I had to wait until my wife was no longer using her laptop before I could try your suggestion. I am pleased to tell you that fixed it. Thanks very much for that! :slight_smile:

Hi 7Leagues,
No sorry required, your return reply was only a short time. :slight_smile:

Sorry it took a re-install to fix, it just looked like the simplest (Maybe the only) solution.
Glad to hear it is working.

I hope neohush reads your suggestion and lets us know if it works for him too.
To be honest, I never considered a reinstall because the diagnostic found nothing untoward.

Diagnostics is mainly for checking for incompatibility issues or for security related errors and not so much for additional functions.

This appears to be caused by an error occurring during install, but I will leave this topic in the Defense+ / Sandbox FAQ - CIS section as this is probably the first place people with the same issue will look.

Me too, Excuse me :slight_smile:

It’s OK! I uninstall and reinstall the CIS and now shows the “Run in sandbox” context menu for any .exe file.
Works fine! :wink:

Hi neohush,
Don’t be sorry for delays, life does that.
Glad all is working as it should. :slight_smile: