How this error came up?

I wonder how can i track down the error source the next time i have this. Ideas?

Translation for the image: Internet Explorer has detected an error in an addon so must have close itself.
When the error occures the following addon run:
Addon name: ESigil.dll
Name of company: Comodo CA Limited
Description: Enables Content Verification

More informations about the addons…
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i have been getting this error regular since i installed the latest version of VE. It always happens on opening up IE and going to my home page… google


Can you tell me what the alert says? I see it’s about the esigil plugin for IE, but since I don’t read or speak (Hungarian, right?) anything besides English very well, that would be a big help (Please forgive my linguistic ignorance).

Also, how long have you been getting this? Lisa2000 says it’s since the latest version of VE… what about you? Any changes to VE or IE?

Does it happen on every website, or just certain ones?


i will save it next time it happens… it always happens when i first open up ie 7 on my home page google… i get a completely white screen… task bar cannot be seen till i press windows key… ie has to be closed down before it can be opened up again

i have been using ie 7 since i did reinstall a few months back.

Maybe a dumb question, but have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling VE? Then redo the plugin for IE7.

Might give it a try and see if it works.


i did a system restore (not cos of VE) and it went back to old version so reinstalled new one.

what do you mean redo the plugin for ie 7? i install and go :-\

shall i uninstall it and reinstall? or wait till i have the error again then do it?

i probably wont get the error again now ive mentioned it :SMLR

By now the support sensor will have been tripped, so we won’t see that error agin. :wink:

In IE7, in order to get VE to work properly (at one point; I don’t remember what the issue was, to be honest), I had to go to Tools/Manage Addons/Enable or Disable Addons, and Enable ESigil.dll (which is the VE plugin). Since I can see in the screenshot that it references this component, I wonder if that needs to be done…


was already enabled… prob by the little green man (:LGH)

Drat! That little green guy is chasing me around, I think, just trying to mess with my head… Where’s my ray gun?


¡¡¡ǝuop ǝʌ,noʎ ʇɐɥʍ ǝǝs ʍou