How things have changed

I was playing one of my favorite games today, Need For Speed 3, Hot Pursuit. I decided just for fun to read the readme.txt file that came with it. The game was written for Windows 95 and 98 but it does work in XP. I don’t know if it would work in Vista but I very much doubt it. It was also meant to play the best with Voodoo FX video cards. Remember them? Anyway, the interesting part is that it says in the readme that it requires a minimum of 16mb of RAM and at least 10mb of free HD space left after it is installed. Those were the days. ;D

I remember the first computer I played the game on had Windows 98SE, 64 megs of RAM, an 8.4 gig HD which I never filled more than half way, ATI Rage Fury graphics with 32mb of video RAM, and a Pentium III 450mhz processor. This was top of the line stuff back then in 1999. ;D

I never had a Pentium 3. The first computer we had was an ibm aotiva with a 486dx2 processor 66MHz, windows 3.1 and a cd drive ( big time then). Then we upgraded the cpu to a aftermarket 100MHz processor. From then I jumped to a e-machine with a Intel celeron running 550 MHZ and windows 98SE, after that I built my first PC using a AMD Athlon 1.9 GHz chip and windows XP, I still have the PC and it is used by my parents for their computing, mostly banking and things like that so it is locked down with CIS and password protected. They don’t know anything about computers but it works great for them. Now I have a first gen core 2 duo intel, water cooled, over clocked, 2 TB hard drive space. But soon I want to upgrade to the new AMD 6 core back chip, with windows 7 64 bit, 16 GB ram and more overclocking. So it seems that every upgrade I do gets me a computer that if at least 3 fold faster then the one before it.

My first computer was a Tandy TRS80 running from a cassette player. I was using it to run my business and although it cost £200, I had to upgrade it with 4 floppy drives costing £400 each and a dot matrix printer for £1000. A lot of money then.

There was no software available so I had to write my own in Basic.

It was used for calculating wages and tax deductions and automated our invoicing and bookkeeping.

That was in 1978.

Hmmm…have I missed out on all this or not? Most of our computers are fairly recent. 88)

lmao I am old my first computer was a commodore64 :o

I had and remember those.
The ol’ tape drive for program storage.

I still have it packed away in basement it might be worth something someday… lol

My first computer was a Commodore 64 too :slight_smile: Before I got it, I learned myself to program in BASIC on a Commodore PET 2001 at school ( With a 6502 processor, only 8kb RAM, build in cassette player, bad keyboard and a terrible black and white monitor ;D ) :

Greetz, Red.

I remember my first
Windows 98
128MB Ram
Pentium II
DVD drive :o

Cost around £800 If I recall.

Well, my first computer was a TRS-80 with a whopping 4kb of RAM. The keyboard was the whole computer and there was a monitor and cassette deck for storage. I too wrote things for it in Basic.

Then I acquired a Coleco Adam system which I loved and still have. It was the most advanced system in it’s day and had a true plug and play OS for it’s available peripherals. It was actually better than the Commodores but it got a bad name because of the fact that it’s power supply was inside the daisy wheel printer it came with. The printers were very buggy and balky and if the printer did not initialize correctly, the whole system would not start. I eventually solved that problem by getting a power supply that had been taken out of a printer and could be used by itself. I installed a dot matrix printer interface card and all was well.
I wrote a lot of software for that thing in BASIC using some machine language sub routines and also dabbled a bit in CPM, the precursor to DOS. I wrote games and utilty programs to copy software and edit the directories of the tapes and disks it used for storage. Coleco never did provide a way to make backup copies of the software they sold and believe me, you needed those backups.

I then had an old 8086 machine but didn’t do all that much with it. My first internet capable machine was the Pentium III one I described earlier. I bought it for gaming but wound up using the net and the rest is history ;D

My first if I remember good was
Windows 95
32MB Ram
256 MB hard disc
Floppy disc

ZX Spectrum 48k

my first pc
pentium 4
128 mb ram
Sis 32 mb card.

Then i upgraded to Pentium 4 HT @ 3ghz

My current specs.
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