How the heck do I schedule a scan in CIS 6?


My old PC died so I now have a Windows 8 (ugly, cumbersome interface) PC that really zips through tasks. I have CIS 6.1.275152.280 installed with database 15981, and it does do a scan when it wants to if I leave the PC on all the time. But I want to be able to alter the schedule of scans to suit my schedule rather than whatever came with the release of the software, but the new interface has baffled me. It seems really appropriate to the Windows 8 interface, in that they both make things that you used to do easily extremely hard.

I cannot find where there is any reference to scheduling a scan in the rather obscure new interface. As for the forums, the sticky on “How to schedule a scan” was written in 2009 and is sadly out of date for CIS 6, since there is no “Antivirus” heading at all on the task list on my CIS 6 interface.

So how the heck to I schedule a scan?

Thanks in advance.

click the tasks button on the top right of the main interface ->advanced tasks-> open advanced settings->security settings ->antivirus-> scans

Here is the help file for scan profiles

Wow, that was a really obscure place to hide a very common task.

Thank you very much for enlightening me, as I would not have clicked on “Security Settings” as the place to go looking for scan scheduling.

I appreciate your help and response.

Can any one give info?

To disable scheduled scan, Antivirus - Scans - Under Active both the checks removed, does this disables sched scans or editing the profile & selecting do not run sched scans is necessary?

Yes whichever profile is unchecked will disable the scheduled scan for that profile.
This action can be viewed in Windows task scheduler.