How stable?

Has anyone ever attempted to install all Comodo (free) software on one Windows PC, and just for fun, would anyone be willing to try it?

Software to install(*);

  • Comodo Internet Security
  • Comodo Cleaning Essential
  • Comodo Time Machine
  • Comodo Dragon
  • Comodo TrustConnect
  • Comodo System Utilities
  • Comodo Backup
  • Comodo Cloud
  • Comodo Programs Manager
    *Remember to install as Default, so say yes to the extras it wants you to download.

A few reboots, and proceed with daily computer usage, How stable do you think it would be? Can you run all Comodo products without it crashing?

:-TU :-TU :-TU Proceed.

Tell me if you think I’m crazy. :stuck_out_tongue:

I attempted this a few times, my PC kept slowing down and sometimes get stuck in a hung state and the only way was to force shut it down, not really smart but hey if someone has a fast enough PC for it they can attempt it again :slight_smile:

I have these plus a few more - but so what??

The only ones that run as resident are CIS, CTM, CPM, CBU and Cloud - the other are merely inert bits on a disk until I execute them. The resident applications all co-operate nicely.

If you were asking about running them all at the same time, I don’t get your point. Of course you are going to get a performance hit running them all simultaneously, but you would get an equal performance hit if you picked an equal quantity of non-Comodo products and ran them all at the same time.

As a test, I just ran all the Comodo prducts simultaneously on a 4GB Win7 32 bit system and, while there was a definite hit, the system was stable and usable.

Ewen :slight_smile: