How Should "Unrecognized Files Pending Analysis" Be Handled?


What should the user do with “Unrecognized Files Pending Analysis”?

Should the user keep them in the File database until a result is returned to CIS from Comodo Cloud?

or should user delete them immediately?

Never got a clear answer on this topic.



If the user knows that the application in question is safe or can be trusted, then they can manually define such rating in the local file list database. Otherwise do nothing and only remove the entry from the database if the application no longer exists on the system, as the entry will be re-added when the unknown program is executed again.

I do not know how they handle them. There are thousands of files rated “Unknown” into cloud.
1 year-2years passed but they are still “Unknown”
Other vendors are better or best on their cloud systems. They handle the all files in 2 days.
Is it malicious or not?

Comodo is an old school on analysis. :-TD

Right. That is the reason why I uninstalled CIS from my machine.

File analysis is done manually. Therefore it is extremely slow.

It is frustrating.

I’m not sure if Comodo is VirusTotal-based or uses its own database.

From what I see I am inclined to think it is the later.

File Rating is a central feature to CIS… so the issues with the Comodo Cloud can be problematic.

However, I do like the fact that I can change the rating on my system within CIS.

For most users who know how to use CIS this solves the problem.

Most advanced users are cautious and fully aware of what is being installed on their system.