How should I respond to this security alert from D+ ?

Please advise on what I should do in response to the following scary alert from Defense+ in COMODO Firewall 3.8.65951.477

Recently, I downloaded and installed from Samsung the software for a mobile phone. The software is called Samsung PCStudio 3.

When I start launching PCStudio 3 the alert in the following screenshot pops up.

I have not dared allow PCStudio 3 to proceed.

Help, please!

If you are Installing a safe executable and DEF+ Pop-Up’s, ALLOW launcher.exe. as simple as that.

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I tried to update COMODO Firewall (ahich is the first thing Clockwork suggested, above).

However, there appears to be a problem - something to do with COMODO using IE settings, whereas I noirmally have Firefox running.

I do have IE on my PC; but I hardly ever have it running.

Are there a detailed step-by-step instructions on how I can do the update either through Firefox, or through IE?

[ NOTE: I’m adding this P.S. (post scriptum) note to the posting that I wrote immediately above.]

Even when I have both Firefox and IE running simultaneously, COMODO throws up the same error message when I try to get COMODO to update itself.

Here’s the error message:

How can I get COMODO to update?

Many thanks to Clockwork and to -[NHATZ_JADE]-

You got me working all right again, with updated Comodo Firewall!

Problems solved.
Thanks again.

We here at forums and FILIPINOS like me are welling to contribute our knowledge to help.

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