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I’ve been using eraser-heidi to securely wipe my computers, if i switch over to diskshield then do i still need to wipe the hard drives or just erase diskshield’s cache? if so where does diskshield store the cache and any idea how to go about doing it?

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Disk Shields cache is a file on your hard drive and it is totally refreshed (the contents removed) on each reboot. You don’t actually have to do anything to clean it’s cache, it’s done automatically.

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He used the word wipe though, which could pertain to secure deleting or ‘shredding’.

This Cache would be irrelevant after the end of your sessions as it’s “Refreshed” so there won’t be anything you can Shred.

@oldgooseberry - a new version of CDS is out with new features

The cache file is deleted and recreated on each reboot, at least it was for the version prior to the current one that can retain session files. The contents of the cache file are not written in plain text as far as I can see, which would make sense, given that encryption is one of Comodo’s core competencies.

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