How secure is comodo with WIFI Hotspots?

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          Was just wondering how secure comodo is when connecting to hotspots? Are there any additional rules i should add when using these connections? please reply, Thanks!


It is possible that you may wish to create additional rules to help keep you even safer, however with the basic network rules you should be fine.

Ok thanks man, i just get alittle paranoid connecting to hotspots sometimes, just wanted to know if comodo was worth putting on my laptop. It works great on my home desktop PC. Do you know any new rules i might need to create for extra protection? Thanks again!

Maybe edit the default rules COMODO creates for the connection to limit the types of traffic to maybe Http, broadcasts, other NECESSARY protocols, but definitly not filesharing.

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Add a rule to block ports 138 and 139 for in/out, any, any.

Wouldn’t it be nice if CPF let you create a rule and it had a toggle to enable or disable it, just for cases like this?

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Panic nailed it in one (:WAV)

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This is outside the realm of CPF but if you are really that worried about WiFi Hotspots, you should then consider subscribing to a VPN service.

This is not out side COMODO’s reach by far, depending on what you expect COMODO to do. if you want COMODO to filter the types of connections can exist between your computer and the wireless hotspot then COMODO can achieve this, as can some other rule based firewalls because you can edit the rules and/or create new ones depending on how the firewall works.

If you want heavy encryption to stop people snooping on what you are doing then VPN + encryption is a must.

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Allow/Block is a toggle isn’t it?

Like a man who has just had leg surgery - I stand corrected.

LOL. Good point.

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But if you have a group of rules that you want to turn on/off it gets tedious and subject to error to have to toggle each one individually. The ability to toggle a group of rules could be handy.

How about if we cold define a group of rules as a profile, and then load or unload defferent profiles to suit? This would be handy for wifi hotspots, etc.

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