How safe is i-Vault

I have a new “web resource” icon that has appeared from no were that was not created by me it is named “Bebo” now I cannot open any info in I-vault. Has some one penetrated comodo firewall or have I got a virus not detected by comodo antivirus ???. I an in the progress of changing all my passwords to be on the safe side >:(

Your i-Vault passwords should be secured if the store is locked (encrypted) by the master password.

If you are infected with spyware, logging in to all of your accounts and changing the passwords will directly feed this information to the spyware. Best to limit your use of login credentials on a suspect computer until you know exactly what is happening.

Can you describe where this icon is located, and to where it links? Is this link inside of your i-Vault? If so, do you have a or skype login that was automatically recorded by i-Vault?

Alan Leghart

Thanks Alan
Panic over my son was on a site called earlier. Why I could not get into any of the cards in I-Vault i do not know but after I deleted the card call Bebo every thing seems fine

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