How safe is Comodo Sandbox? Is there a way to improve?

I use Comodo sandbox for browsing mainly using Comodo Dragon default install. I was wondering how safe it was and if there are some settings to improve the security further.

Thank you :slight_smile:

For my advice on how to configure CIS please see this article. If you have any questions please feel free to ask.


for the auto sandbox you can only set a restriction level applied by the operating system or set it to fully virtualized but not both a restriction level and fully virtualized like you can if you set an app to always open in the sanbox. the kiosk you can’t set restriction levels at all. It’s only fully virtualized. the full virtualization alone can’t protect against certain kinds of malware like screen grabbers from what I hear so that means the kiosk is vulnerable to these since it only uses full virtualization. if you set the auto sandbox to full virtualization then It’s my understanding that It’s vulnerable just like the kiosk though the kiosk can protect against keyloggers with the virtual keyboard the auto sandbox can’t because it doesn’t have a virtual keyboard. the strongest sanbox cis has is the manual sanbox where you tell cis to always open whatever app in the sandbox because you can apply both restriction levels and full virtualization at the same time. that’s all I know