how risky to keep older version?

I still have Comodo’s firewall from a few years ago, version with no problems (I have dialup). How risky is it to keep using it without upgrading to the latest version, which would take over ten hours to download plus use a lot more space. I would still download it (and omit the antivirus function) if the newer version is considered really crucial to have compared to the version I now have. From what I found out, it’s more the outbound function that is much improved but I’m sort of thinking if it’s not broke don’t fix it…
any advice appreciated.

Hi lee888 and welcome to the forums, first off would you care to post a screen shot for old times sake?
I would upgrade if I were you there’s a few new security features that really make it worthwhile like “Buffer overflow protection”, a completely revamped antivirus which integrates the old Boclean along with “Memory Firewall” so I believe it’s worth it, if it’s really not your thing you could always clean uninstall with Revo uninstaller and throw 2.4 back on if you kept the executable somewhere, your choice…
Cheers Xman

If you only look at the firewall portion i would suggest to upgrade because there are a lot of fixes regarding the Firewall alone. You will have much better protection on incoming traffic and more control over outgoing traffic. Performance should also be better but i don’t think you’ll notice that much on dialup.

I would also recommend a clean install over an upgrade.

Sorry if i caused confusion when writing “upgrade” i was referring to a clean install also but “upgrade” from version 2.4 to 3.10.x there is no “upgrade” possible from 2.4 → 3.10.x without an uninstall / install.