How reliable

How reliable is the D+ in comodo? I have comodo firewall installed that comes with D+, obviously. And I have set firewall to custom and D+ to safe mode. Seeing as there are no regular updates to either… apart from new versions, how reliable is D+ when it detects a virus/spyware or whatever? Should I rely on other software for virus detection etc. I ran a trend micro free scan and it detected nothing and also malwarebytes but just checking how reliable is D+ without any other software help.

100% reliable. Think of it as AK-47 :slight_smile: You don’t need other software for the detection :slight_smile: Comodo Def+ will catch virus/spyware even without AV.

One more thing. I do recommend using ‘untrusted level’. Def+ won’t let you down. But you will. What I mean by that is that human error is the one you need to watch over not think about how solid Def+ is.

Surely nothing is 100%? There must be something that had bypassed D+ in the past.

D+ is 100% impenetrable as long as you have the lithium diffuser active during bootup. ;D

Comodo Def+ is 100%. Nothing bypassed so far. Only Comodo staff know how to get around it. It’s you who will fail Def+ as you will make a human error and allow something which you shouldn’t.

Having said that you will never face pro hacker who will go after your PC. So no risk.

100% thats a lot :smiley:

You should not say that number.

You know, my antivirus has an effect rate of 100%!!!.. … It catches 100% of all virus it knows! :smiley:

Together with automatic sandbox, there were indeed cases where all your files got permanently encrypted. By malware. Or you get a new rogue antivirus… So i would not say 100%.
100% would keep users in false feeling of safety, no matter what they would be about to do.
You could get something like 100%, but thats not out of the box, not for average users attempts.

Default deny = 100% protection, that is until you bring user’s into the picture.

Or once upon a time something like gpcode, or something that needs just the permisions given by partially limited…
Default deny, yes. It would be the users choice.
But an automatic sandbox without virtualization is not equal to deafult deny.

Sure I agree but I never used “out of the box settings” why would somebody do? Even newbie! Take a look at the forum. Use wise guidance how to make CIS stronger and done. When I first was running Comodo it was already modified to the perfection. And I was such a Comodo newbie :slight_smile: