How reliable

How reliable is Comodo firewall and does it protect against unauthorized access from other computers that I share internet connection with. I don’t have a network or anything I just share internet through a wireless modem with other computers… how reliable is comodo in blocking an unauthorized access from these other computers,which I share internet with through a wireless modem, to my system?

btw my firewall is set to custom and D+ is set to safe mode. I haven’t created any rules… just allow/disallow alerts to particular applications.

Hi dfs4,

If you go in CIS GUI to Firewall > Stealth Ports Wizard and select the 3d option “Block all incoming connections and make my ports stealth for everyone”, CIS will make global FW rules accordingly and block silently all attempts to access your computer even if they are coming from machines on your network.

The most important question is:
How reliable is my setting? :wink:

A desktop firewall can not protect you against data leak that occurs outside of your computer.